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RAD Wheel Locks for Audi

Achtuning Price: $49.99
Item Number: 22-2
Manufacturer: RAD gmbH
Manufacturer Part No: RAD Wheel Locks


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RAD wheel locks are premium German made locking lugs, they are produced by a cold-forging process using only high-grade chemistry steel made by certified steel-mills. Each lock is DACROMET coated to prevent rusting and galling.

RAD Wheel Locks are hardened and tempered to DIN/ISO 898 standard to conform to strength class 10.9 resp. 10. They meet the statutory requirements of all countries - including those of the USA (FQA). The fasteners, the detailed fitting instructions and the coded key are supplied in a strong plastic case. After the wheel locks have been fitted, a set of the fasteners which have been removed may be stored in the case in order to be immediately accessible if needed (for spare wheel in case of a flat).

An ample number of key combinations are provided by varying teeth and head diameters of the lock sets. A lost key will be replaced immediately if you present the key code card found in the plastic case to either RAD or an authorized distributor.

  1. Fulfills or exceeds quality requirements of all countries
  2. Strong plastic case
  3. Ample key combinations
  4. Air-gun proof
  5. Weight-optimized head
  6. DACROMET coated

All locks listed are a 12mm or 14mm shank diameter with a 1.5 thread pitch, the key head uses a standard 17mm socket. For comparison purposes standard OEM Audi lug bolts are 14x1.5x26.5mm R13 ball seat.

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