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Hartmann FF-003-CG 18" Wheels for Audi

Achtuning Price: $310.00
Manufacturer: Hartmann
Manufacturer Part No: HFF-003-CG

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Since 1978 Hartmann wheels has focused on bringing the highest quality wheels to the US market. Hartmann Wheels are produced in a modern, state-of-the-art German owned foundry. The Hartmann HFF-003 utilizes a flow forming process which produces a lightweight, high performance wheel equal in strength and finish quality to OEM Audi wheels. The wheels are heat treated for increased strength and are tested to JWL, VIA, and TUV standards.

Hartmann FF-003-CG wheels were designed by Germany's finest engineers. The Hartmann FF-003-CG wheel is a race-inspired design featuring 5 split spokes which run parallel to the face and then angle inwards toward the centercap. The FF-003-CG wheels are finished with a 3 stage carbon grey paint with a protective satin clearcoat and feature a 12 month finish warranty. The FF-003-CG is load rated to 690 Kg (1,521 Lbs) with a weight of 19.8 - 20.3 Lbs depending on the offset. The FF-003-CG is designed to accept OEM 14x1.5x27mm R13 ball seat lug bolts and OEM Audi centerap # 4B0 601 170 7ZJ (available separately). The FF-003-CG is compatible with OEM Audi TPMS senders.

Hartmann wheels carefully selects their wheel offsets "ET"* to provide a wheel which will clear the brake caliper and suspension components, widen the track for better handling and aesthetics, and not allow the tire to contact the fender or fender liner during cornering or suspension travel, even on lowered vehicles. Fitment is guaranteed.

*ET: from German "Einpresstiefe" (translates into "Insertion Depth") referred to as "Offset" in English, is a measurement in mm of the distance between the center line of the rim wheel and the part of the wheel which contacts the hub face.

Hartmann FF-003-CG wheels are available in the following sizes and offsets for Audi applications.

All available fitments18x8.5" ET3518x8.5" ET45
Audi A3: 8P and 8V chassis 18x8.5" ET45
Audi A4: B6 and B7 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi A4: B8 and B9 chassis18x8.5" ET3518x8.5" ET45
Audi A5: B8 and B9 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi A6: C5, C6, and C7 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi A7: C7 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi A8: D2 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi A8: D3 chassis V818x8.5" ET35 
Audi S3: 8V chassis 18x8.5" ET45
Audi S4: B6 and B7 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi S4: B8 and B9 chassis18x8.5" ET3518x8.5" ET45
Audi S5: B8 and B9 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi S8: D2 chassis18x8.5" ET35 
Audi TT: Mk2 and Mk3 chassis 18x8.5" ET45
Audi TTS: Mk2 and Mk3 chassis 18x8.5" ET45

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