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StopTech AeroRotor replacement rotor rings for StopTech BBK kits

Achtuning Price: From $350.00 to $740.00
Manufacturer: StopTech
Manufacturer Part No: 83.152.6800

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StopTech's AeroRotor replacement rings

StopTech AeroRotors® are cast with a proprietary high durability cast iron formula. To test rotor durability, StopTech rented the California Speedway and ran a heavily weighted down car with StopTech rotors on one side and a competitor's rotors on the other. In this test, StopTech rotors were approximately twice as durable as the competitor's rotors. StopTech has had several sets of rotors run entire 24 hour races on winning cars.

The ability to absorb and dissipate heat is essential to brake system performance. The patented StopTech AeroRotor® features uniquely designed curved vanes with innovations on leading and trailing edges to optimize airflow through the rotor. This improved directional design minimizes turbulence and flows more air than any rotor tested. The result is up to 80% better airflow over original equipment rotors and 10-30% better airflow than directional vaned racing rotors currently available.

The chart below shows that StopTech (top red line) has the highest induced airflow of any rotor tested. Leading aftermarket and original equipment rotors were tested for airflow from 30mph to 150mph. StopTech AeroRotors dramatically outperformed all other rotors, with improvements from an impressive 11% to a staggering 80% increase in airflow.

 Advantages of StopTech AeroRotors:

  • Enhanced durability for decreased lifetime costs
  • Superior airflow for increased heat dissipation
  • Consistent and predictable performance
  • Extended rotor life
  • Increased pad life
  • Less fade

Rotor Options:

Slotted rotors are preferred over drilled due to their larger pad contact area and their resistance to cracking, crossdrilled rotors are available at extra cost for light duty or show usage.
Zinc coated rotors are available for an additional cost. Zinc coating helps reduce surface rust on unswept portions of the rotor.


Installation instructions cam be found here:

StopTech Aerorotor replacement guide


Rotors priced per pair, rotor ring to hat attachment hardware is included.

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