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Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M 19" Replica Wheels for Audi

Achtuning Price: $290.00
Manufacturer: Hartmann
Manufacturer Part No: HLP-410-GS:M

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Achtuning has partnered up with Hartmann Wheels to bring the highest quality Audi and Volkswagen replica wheels available on the market to the US. Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M replica wheels are designed by Germany's finest craftsmen and engineers. They are made using low pressure cast molding with quality second to no other replica wheel and feature a 12 month warranty. If you want the best OEM replica wheels look no further! Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M replica wheels can also be fitted with OEM Audi centercap #4B0 601 170 7ZJ (located under "Related Products" below) to give these wheels that perfect look.


  • Gloss Silver with Machined face and lip
  • Guaranteed fitment
  • OE quality and strength
  • Uses OEM ball seat lug bolts
  • Accepts OEM centercaps
  • TPMS compatible
  • 12 month finish warranty
  • Low pressure cast aluminum alloy (same as OEM manufacturing)
  • Heat treated for high strength
  • Tested to JWL, VIA, and TUV standards

Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M replica wheels are available in the following sizes and offsets for Audi applications.

All available sizes19x8.5" ET3819x8.5" ET45
Audi A3: 8P Chassis 19x8.5" ET45
Audi A3: 8V Chassis 19x8.5" ET45
Audi A4: B5, B6, B7 and B8 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi A6: C5 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi A6: C6 chassis19x8.5" ET3819x8.5" ET45
Audi A6: C7 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi A8: D2 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi A8: D3 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi A8: D4 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi RS3: 8V Chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi S3: 8V chassis 19x8.5" ET45
Audi S4: B6, B7 and B8 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi S6: C6 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi S8: D2 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi S8: D3 chassis19x8.5" ET38 
Audi TT: MkII chassis 19x8.5" ET45

See the Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M wheels on Audis!

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